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How does this essay writing service work?

EssayJedi.com is a freelance board for students and writers. It’s free and easy to post orders for students and place bids for writers. Learn more about ”How it Works for Students” and ”How it Works for Writers

Why is EssayJedi.com better than other custom writing services?

The answer is simple:
  1. A wider choice of orders and bids
  2. You and your writer coordinate the working process
  3. You’ve got direct communication with your writer
  4. Open performance stats are available
  5. You name your order’s price
  6. All transactions are completely secure as long as you do not share any personal info
  7. Each order is paid only after it’s finished
  8. And many more benefits await!

How do I place an order? Do I have to be registered first?

It’s very fast and easy to place an order. You do not need any previous registration because you’ll be registered while placing your order. However, no personal information will be given to other students or writers as long as you do not share it with them yourself. We highly recommend that you do not share any personal info to avoid any possible fraudulent issues, threats, blackmail, etc. Only your ID, which will be automatically generated for you by the system, can be seen by others and will appear in your profile for identification purposes. While placing an order, try providing as much information about the order as possible like paper type, topic, subject, number of pages, deadline, etc. This will help the writers to see your order ASAP and speed up the bidding process so that you can choose the best writer and get your order done faster. You will be able to change or edit your order later but it will cause automatic rejections of previously-offered bids because your changes will make those bids invalid. You will only be able to add files with additional information that is related to the order without causing an automatic rejection of bids. When you check your order’s details, make that sure you understand our Terms and Conditions and accept them by clicking the “Save and Continue” button.

How do I choose the essay writer for my order?

Place your order and start getting bids from writers. They can ask some questions about your order’s details via chat. When you decide which bid is best for you, you can check the writer’s performance rate, experience with EssayJedi.com, and customer feedback. Samples of past work are also available in the writer’s portfolio. If your writer does not have any performance rate, don’t worry. This just means that they haven’t completed any orders at EssayJedi.com yet but this still means that they are still experienced and professional. If a writer can place a bid, this means that they have already been evaluated and have enough background and knowledge to see the orders and place bids. Choose the writer and assign them to your order so they can start working.

How do I know that I will pay for what I need?

On EssayJedi.com, you only pay for your order after you see it, read it, and like it. So when you accept the order by paying money to your writer, no further communication about this order becomes available.

What if I don’t like the paper delivered by my writer?

In this situation, you do not have to pay this writer because according to our Terms and Conditions, paid money is nonrefundable. Contact your writer via chat and let them know what should be improved without hesitation. If nothing helps, you can always cancel this order and leave your feedback to make other users, our support, and that writer know about your negative experience. Then you can place a new order and choose another writer.

What if I can’t find a proper bid?

Reexamine your order’s details. Make sure that your subject, topic, and paper type were chosen correctly. Look over your instructions and make sure that they are clear enough. If you mention any files in your paper’s instructions, check and see if you uploaded them.

How will I get my paper done?

You will be able to monitor the entire paper writing process in your profile on the proper order page. Your writer will upload a file with the completed paper in whole or in parts, though it depends on your agreements. You can also be notified about each new uploaded file via e-mail. All you have to do is make sure that you are satisfied with the paper. You can also ask your writer to make improvements after your paper has been revised. Make payment to the writer only when you are 100% satisfied with your paper!

Can I be sure that my paper is plagiarism-free?

Every writer knows that they can be deactivated for plagiarism. But we still recommend checking your paper every time before you pay your writer. You can use special tools for plagiarism checking or order the “Check for Plagiarism” feature.

How do I pay my writer?

You pay your writer for each accepted part of the paper via PayPal or credit card. For security reasons we provide you with the opportunity to keep your personal details 100% confidential and make all transactions using the payment form on our freelance board. Do not disclose any personal information to any EssayJedi users to avoid any possible problems with fraud or identity theft. We guarantee 100% security for your personal data unless you disclose it yourself via chat, e-mail, or otherwise.

What should I do if I need a refund?

You can easily ask for a refund on the balance page in your profile. Any unreleased amount to a writer can be refunded. Learn more on Terms & Conditions.

Can other users see my personal details or payment data?

No. Other users can NOT see your personal details or payment data. It is highly confidential and secure unless you disclose this information yourself or give access to your profile on EssayJedi.com to someone. Other users can only see the identification number that is given to you by the system when placing your first order, your avatar, and orders.

I want to register as a writer. Can I skip evaluation?

Evaluation is obligatory for every writer to prove their proficiency and to get access to every order in their level and subject area. Avoid plagiarism! All your papers should be plagiarism-free. If any plagiarism is detected, your profile will be considered fraudulent. It will be immediately deactivated and some of your earnings can be put “on hold.”

How will I get paid as a writer?

You will get paid for each accepted paper by your customer. For this, you have to provide your payment details on the finance page in your profile.

In which cases can I stop working on an order?

You can stop working on an order in emergency cases if you have a serious disagreement with your customer that you cannot reach an agreement on. If you were paid for this order or any of its parts, this payment can be put “on hold” if there are any claims from the customer during the investigation.